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About Us

Renew America Energy (RAE) provides education and consulting services to entities interested in adopting green and acts as a trusted liaison between these entities and best-in-class providers, installers, and financiers. We are also solar homeowners ourselves.

15.74 kW array using Sunpower 315 watt panels


kWhr meter showing 5452 kWhrs produced since the system was installed

Solar Home Schematic
Schematic showing layout of 15.74 kW system (click photo for larger image)

Electric bill after solar installed (click for pdf file)


RAE Solar Home

This home features a 15.75 kW PV system using Sunpower 315s, and a typical PV production meter showing a total of roughly 5000 kWh produced. The schematic diagram shows a typical system layout.

Solar FAQ

Click here for our Solar FAQ with answers to all your questions on installing a solar photovoltaic system on your home.